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India k manufacturers The Best Online B2B Marketplace in India


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Benefits of Being with us.

IKM Your Online Business Partner

Get your Preferred Leads

Finding new people to buy your product or service is an important part of the entire sales process. It may be tough for some people, but if your goal is to increase sales then you need to figure out which sales strategy will be effective for your target customer. 1) People Buy Benefits (Service is Most Important in today time) 2) Define Your Customer (Select the right customer for you.) 3) Identify The Problem Clearly (Give Solution to their Problems.) With IKM you can do all such at a single place. Happy Hunting for your right customer.

Grow Your Network

“Do not wait to strike till the iron is hot; but make it hot by striking.” – William Butler Yeats In today's time it's very important to grow together, here is the platform to Unlock the opportunities with IKM-India K Manufacturers promote the franchise of your products & brands all over India & globally. Adjoin Hands with the Companies & Expand your Business.

Hire the Candidates for Your Business

In today's time India needs the better employment in Emerging Industries, so many people are waiting for the Job opportunities. Post the jobs in few simple steps & get applications on your seller dashboard. Select the preferred candidate according to your preference & grow your business. Employee India For Better India.

Shipping at you Door Step

B2B e-commerce customers do not necessarily have the same expectations on ..shipping costs, returns and other “logistics” requirements. “Free” in B2B e-commerce can have very different expectations and implications compared to B2C e-commerce. A good example of expectations can be seen in the new Parts Express site.

Find Right Supplier For All Your Requirements

A request for quotation (RFQ) is a business process in which a company or public entity requests a quote from a supplier for the purchase of specific products or services. To receive correct quotes, RFQ's often include the specifications of the items/services to make sure all the suppliers are bidding on the same item/service. Logically, the more detailed the specifications, the more accurate the quote will be and comparable to the other suppliers.

Discover Market Trend

Discover Exclusive Trending Brands & News Available Near You

Building your brand online is not just about posting content. Trustworthy and transparent content is very important for brands to accomplish. Over one-third of online shoppers switch to a new brand if the previous one did not offer transparency. Consumer awareness must be a big part of any brand's marketing and communications plan. A company can educate their consumer about its products or services and also about its performance. Consumer awareness plans should be well-designed for flawless consumer engagement and consumer welfare. Consumer awareness programs must focus on some objectives: Understanding the category of customers who are interested in the business's product Building an effective marketing plan that advertises the product to the target customer group Helping the prospective clients finding out the brand's products and services Conveying the strengths and benefits of the products to your customers Helping the customers understand how your product will solve their problems and garnering trust